Welcome Address for Piramal NIBF Batch 1 & 2

NIBF News Desk

15 May 2021

Mr. Vinamra Pandey and Mr. Rahul Pandey Speech

On 15th May 2021 - Mr. Vinamra Pandey and Mr. Rahul Pandey Zonal Heads (Home Loans) from Piramal Retail Finance, addresed to the students of NIBF-Piramal Batch 1 and Batch 2. During their joint session they explained the vision of Piramal Retail Finance with Retail Loan business, expecatations of the company from these fresh Sales Trainee. In the end they also answered to queries of the students.

The second session was conducted by Mr. Himanshu Hudda, Zonal Manger of (Loan Against Property) Piramal Retail Finance. This session was focussed on the LAP and SBL (Small Business Loan) business vertical of Piramal Retail Finance.

In both the sessions Mr. Yogesh Kashalkar from L&D department of Piramal Retail Finance, Mr. Satendra Shrivastava, Director, NIBF and Mr. Abitabh Chattoraj, Senior Faculty from NIBF were also presented.

Piramal Retail Finance and NIBF has recently started a one month online Joint Certification Program called "Certificate Program in Retail Asset Finance" with an objective to prepare fresh graduates for the two major retail finance business vertical "Home Loan" and "Business Loan". Under this joint program NIBF will find the fresh talent and train them for 1 month so that they will be able to acquire home loan and business loan. The successful candidates will get the job opportunity in Piramal Retail Finance as a Sales Trainee.