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Learning Solutions

Learning & Development solutions for Banks, Financial Services companies and Insurnace Companies

If you need managed learning and development solutions for your organization and business, NIBF can help.

We create and deliver customised banking and finance training that will make your teams more effective – and your business more competitive.

We work and partner with organisations in education and across the financial sector in India. And because we draw on the expertise of industry practitioners as well as academics, your staff will be able to apply their learning while, or immediately after, training with us.

If you’d like to talk to us about how we can help your organisation, please email 

Or you can find out more about the training, qualifications and services we offer through the links on this page.

Managed Recruitment Services

  • Managed Recruitment Service solutions can supplement in-house recruitment capabilities or take responsibility for the entire recruitment process specially for the front line employees clubbed with the induction training. Our highly successful model of Hire-Train-Deploy will bring innovation to your recruitment plans.  From primary candidate contact all the way to negotiating with a new hire, our recruiters offer vital support to hiring managers and HR business partners. With our recruiters dealing with the details, hiring managers have the time to focus on their business.

  • Our recruiters are equipped with access to major resume databases, job sites and powerful resume sourcing software to locate passive candidates. Through our “Referral Network” our recruiters have access to a passive candidate database, which lowers your cost of hiring. Managed Recruitment Services will cost a fraction of what is spent on internal recruitment.

Managed Learning Services

  • Under Managed Learning Services NIBF provides various services which includes - 

  • 1. Content Development

  • 2. Digital Learning

  • 3. Functional Training

  • 4. Behavioural Training 

  • 5. Trainer Services

  • 6. Project Management & Consulting 

Content Development Services

  • NIBF is having unique expertise to develop the content for various types of Program run by different BFSI companies. 

  • NIBF is having capability to develop content in 13 Indian languages which will help the candidates to understand the content very easily. 

  • NIBF is having Subject Matter Expertise to devise the content in a user understandable format to ensure easy understanding of very technical subject as well. 

  • NIBF is having subject matter expertse to develop content for Domain, System and Soft skill training.