Understanding Micro Finance

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About Free Study Material on Basics of Micro Finance

This free study material on Basics of Microfinance provides a broad based, practical introduction to the key ideas, techniques and skills needed to be a microfinance executive in micro finance companies.


These modules is ideally suited to the needs and aspirations of both those who are new to microfinance, and those who need a wider understanding of the micro finance sector. 


Highlights of the Certificate Program

* An introductory level education programme

* Excellent, comprehensive content in the form of video modules

* Video content is written and developed by experienced industry experts

* Modules has been deisgned in logical order and structured to meet the needs of the micro finance industry.

Who can take benefit from this free modules -

* Exisiting Microfinance executives

* Graduates who are considering a career in microfinance

* Bankers who want to develop a career in microfinance

* Professionals in other fields e.g. law etc

* Staff of Non-Governmental Organisations

* Practitioners who want to pursue a formal education